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American artists Danny G and Katie MAC first met on a study trip in Ireland, they ended up writing a song together and grew close as friends and partners.

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While they’ve worked on each other’s solo material, the pair have now come together as limetheduo, a name they’ve adopted from Limerick in Ireland where they initially chanced upon one another,
“Getting into the studio and recording ‘Miss Each Other’ to life was an amazing, full-circle experience for both of them,” says Katie MAC.

What’s The New Song That’s Making Waves?

According to the artists, the new song reveals a story of a couple who parted ways but still feel strongly about each other. The song captures the feeling of missing someone, when it feels like coming together should be simple, but it isn’t.its their desire that people can listen to the track and relate to it this Valentine’s Day, and anytime they’re feeling lonely, especially in these isolated times.”

The duo recorded the new song at a warehouse studio in Nashville with producer Will McBeath while Sam Moses mastered the track. Next, limetheduo has more songs in the pipeline as they also navigate their solo material. “You will likely see them credited as writers on each other’s solo releases. Seeing them playing shows togetherness, hopefully, we will see them both continuing to level up as there continue their grind.

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In a year that is most notably marked by isolation, self-quarantine, and feelings of loneliness, it’s essential to celebrate how these talented artists found a way to partner and produce such a great song which will be of immense effect this coming valentine given that the title of the song is “miss each other”.

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This is one of the greatest collaborations this year, given the challenges and struggles these two went through Just to produce this breathtaking masterpiece and it’s very intriguing given that valentine is approaching. I see that this song is one of the perfect products of collaboration and the situations surrounding its birth.

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