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In 2016, Steven Borrelli, in his pursuit for simplicity and comfort initiated the idea of Cuts Clothing which has become a universally accepted style of streetwear. Cuts Clothing holds a variety of styles, designs, and patterns which is a large part of their success.

Cuts Clothing is becoming more popular as shortages of vital personal protective equipment like medical gowns or cloth masks have increased the need for alternative sources.

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The person who wants to produce something brings the pattern and materials to the company, which then cuts out the pieces and sews the products together.

Why Is Cuts Clothing Special?

What makes Cuts Clothing special is their fabric and with tens of thousands of units already in customer’s hands, the factories joining their supply chain had to be able to produce the exact same clothing. No detail was left to question, as the Sourcify team went to work ensuring the fabric, cut, and trim was exactly the same.

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For those who are not yet familiar with Cuts Clothing, they offer 3 “Cuts” on the top and 3 “Cuts” on the bottom. These include Crew Neck, V-Neck, and Henley. The bottom cuts include Classic, Split, and Elongated. It’s amazing how these fit perfectly on any guy.

What stands out most does not always stand out to all- for us, some of the standout features that we found with Cuts Clothing was the “Shop by Cut” feature. The ability to mix and match cuts is a game-changer. The variety of top and bottom styles gives you the option of going casual, more sophisticated, or even more relaxed than other shirt varieties out there.

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The Cuts shirts are constructed with only the best fabrics. Featuring the custom PYCA™️ fabric, this material rivals its competition. The overall comfort of the shirt hands down is seen in the sewing lines, the “cut”, and the texture of the material. The stitching lines were clean and strong adding to the construction crushing game going on with these shirts! The hoodie is warm and has a durable construction to both the pull chords and the entire cut.

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