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Truff is a Los Angeles based hot sauce. They have Jon Buscemi and Aaron Levant as investors. Aaron grew up in a foodie household and has always had a passion for hot sauce and someday creating one of his own. Jon heard about this and got on the train. Eventually, they were all connected. Jon is believed to be a master of luxury. Solebox, one of Europe’s best sneaker outposts is believed to stock Truff in the coming weeks.

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Nick Guillen and Nick Ajluni are the cofounders of Truff. Truff is said to be one of the most extraordinary ingredients In the world. Food enthusiasts say it’s something to be experienced, not tasted. Black Truff is usually different from white. White is usually used as a finishing for foods when they are already cooked as cooking them can affect their potency. @Sauce is their Instagram handle which they use as their home base page to talk about their products and advertise them.

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Some of the best foods to add Truff to are proteins, vegetables, pizzas, salads, soups, eggs and can also be spread on in and out burgers. The sauce is used as the brand name which obviously comes from one of its ingredients.

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The black truffle which is one of the products of Truff, also known as black périgord truffle is the second most valued commercial spice named after Périgord in France. Black truffle uses oaks, hazelnuts, cherry, and other trees for its ingredients, all of which are harvested in late autumn or winter. The black truffle Pomodoro is the perfect blend of ripe tomatoes and delicate herbs

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