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Podcasts have gained more ground over the years with listeners enjoying nerve-racking conversations with their favorite creators. Podcasting has become more popular in this current dispensation. More creators are coming on board to offer unique yet insightful perspectives on various issues that border on their minds and seemingly on the minds of the listeners as well.

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With so many choice variations and genres to pick from, it is easy for one to get drowned in confusion when it comes to choosing what to listen to. This difficulty in choosing becomes even harder if it comes down to choosing between your favorite influencers. We’ve however narrowed down the list for you to choose from. Here are the 10 best influencer-run podcasts of 2021.

1. Impaulsive by Logan Paul

Logan Paul is a YouTube sensation who has in recent times gained traction in the boxing ring. Alongside his YouTube and boxing careers, the star has found time to be his usual hilariously outrageous self in his self-titled podcast known as Impaulsive. Logan offers humor, drama, and impulsiveness on his podcast while keeping it real all the while.

2. The Waiting Room By Dr Alex

Wondering where to get legal medical advice from? look no further. The Waiting Room is a podcast run by Dr. Alex George where he and a medical colleague offer advice to some listeners’ funny, outrageous, and sometimes awkward medical queries. Dr. Alex shares his own medical experience while also inviting other medical professionals on his show to provide more depth and variety. He has also invited celebrities such as Lain Stirling and Vicky Pattison to grace his show as well.

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3. VIEWS By Jason Nash and David Dobrik

The duo offers exclusive behind-the-scenes to their non-vlogging lives in their joint podcast. Jason and David share their off-screen experience with their listeners every week. They also give insights into their relationship including some other related discussions which are never without humor and charm. If you’re looking for a place to laugh out some stress then you should tune in to the pair’s show.

4. What I Know Now By Amelia Liana

Amelia Liana has brought it home with this one. The successful blogger cum YouTuber provides a ‘heartache survival manual’ with her What I know Now podcast. The star takes her time to talk about her experience with love, relationships, and breakups. If you’re heartbroken and don’t know what to do, tune in to Amelia’s show to get a detailed guide on all relatable topics to guide you through your dark days.

5. The Estée Lalonde Show

Famous YouTuber and social media sensation Estee Lalonde reflects on her dynamic personality on her self-titled podcast known as Estee Lalonde. Along with her guests, the star steers them through the vast waters of meditation, entrepreneurship, dops make-up, and beauty. 

6. The Girls Bathroom By Sophia & Cinzia

The girls bathroom is a safe space for the ladies. The famous YouTubers Sophia and Cinzia share their insight on girl’s gist including boyfriends, girlfriends, work, and money. Sophia and Cinzia narrate their personal stories each, creating a friendly environment that radiates trust for all their listeners.

7. Here We Go Again By Stacey Solomon

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Here We Go Again is Stacey’s story covering her journey through motherhood in 2019. The star from Loose women has recently welcomed her third child almost a decade after giving birth to her last one. Stacey provides useful information to new moms and old on her experience during the journey.

8. MOVE By Jamie Laing and Ed Williams

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Business partners Jamie and Ed share their entrepreneurial experience on their joint podcast MOVE. The pair also feature artists, athletes, and other visionaries and innovators to tell their stories. MOVE is a podcast that seeks to motivate its listeners while giving them top-notch guidelines on how to run businesses as well as other aspects of their life.

9.  Mile Higher Podcast By Kendall Rae and Josh Thomas

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Where are the lovers of conspiracy theories and crime stories? This one is for you. Kendall and Josh have a unique series that focuses on true crime stories and conspiracy theories, attempting to unravel even the world’s most interesting mysteries.

10. Pretty Basic By Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz

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The social media stars who are also best friends have created something special here. Pretty Basic podcast covers an array of topics from dealing with anxiety, to handling your relationships, down to lifestyle and other topical issues. The stars also spice up the show with games, ramble, and sometimes pretty deep discussions.

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