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ZaiLetsPlay is the pseudonym of Zaira, a popular social media star and gamer. She gained prominence as a YouTube star after she started posting video game-related content on her primary YouTube channel, ‘ZaiLetsPlay.’

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She usually posts videos about popular games like ‘Minecraft,’ ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Roblox,’ and ‘Slender.’ Her YouTube channel has more than 984,000 subscribers. She also has a Twitter account and an Instagram account, where she posts interesting content and videos.

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Her Career

Zaira, known as ZaiLetsPlay on social media, is a YouTube gamer who is famed for live-streaming video games such as “Roblox”, “Minecraft”, “Walking Dead”, “Episode” and other random games while making commentary about them.

In September 2016, she got engaged to fellow YouTuber Biggs87x AKA Ricky and they married in July of 2018. They created a shared YouTube channel called Ricky And Zai. They welcomed their first child, a son named Jaden, on December 11, 2020.

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She has done several challenge videos with her mother. Her younger sister Lizzie also launched a YouTube channel. “ZaiLetsPlay”, has gained more than 2.7 million subscribers as of February 2021 while her collaborative channel, “Ricky and Zai” had accumulated more than 358,000 subscribers.

While her Twitter page has more than 42k followers, her Instagram account has managed to gather more than 160.8k followers. Zaira operates an online store where she sells cool merchandise and clothing.

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