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There is a growing interest in the makeup industry, with stars rising every day be it a girl or boy. To effectively train themselves, they either associate with gurus or self-teach. At a very young age, Franny Arrieta has captured the hearts of her fans and amassed a huge fanbase.

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She was born on 27th March 1997 in New Jersey. Her parents are Frank and Angela Arrieta. She is half Columbian and half Puerto Rican. Even as a kid she was always passionate about beauty and lifestyle.

Franny Arrieta’s Career

Growing up, she gained fame because of her talent, her product reviews, travel vlogs, and beauty tips which she posted on her YouTube channel. She started her channel on Franny Arrieta started her YouTube channel on July 9, 2014, and uploaded her first video titled “Franny and Ani ~ Acoustic Trap Queen Cover.

She has over 605 thousand subscribers and over 90 million views on the platform. She has 173 thousand followers on Twitter where she also posts her makeup content. The star also has a twitch channel that is liked by over 7 thousand people which is surprising because she has no videos posted at the moment. Her Instagram however is very active having over 460 thousand followers. She at the moment has 822 posts. Her account with the gram is also verified.

Franny Arrieta’s net worth

The artist gets paid to review beauty products on her channel as she attracts traffic. The channel also pays her for the traffic she creates. On her Instagram account, advertisers pay a certain amount for the post they make. Most of her earnings and incomes come from YouTube and Her YouTube channel is worth over 158 thousand dollars.

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