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He was an Australian-American social media personality. He was best known for his YouTube channel Corey la Barrie. The star was also a popular figure on other social media platforms like Instagram.

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He was also a businessman who used his social media influence to sell his merchandise and clothing online. Corey made his first and last debut in The Reality House in 2019. He died on the 10th of May 2020 which was his 25th birthday. He was involved in a tragic car accident that claimed his life while he was driving with drunk Ink Master star Daniel.

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His Early Life

Corey was born on the 10th of May, 1995 in Adelaide, South Australia. He belonged to the Australian-American ethnicity while Taurus was his zodiac sign. His father was a professional football player and his mom a beautiful housewife. His grandfather played professional cricket in the Caribbean.

Being from a family that played sports, he was exposed to various sports activities which he also participated in like tennis, basketball, and football. He had two siblings, a brother Jared and Jessica his elder sister. They, later on, moved to California where he schooled and played tennis and was a two-time division champion.

What Happened To Corey La Barrie?

On the night of the crash, he was a passenger while his drunk friend Daniel Silva drove a McLarens 2020 600LT sports car. Daniel lost control and crashed, Corey, sustained severe injuries while Daniel just had a hip problem.

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They were both rushed to a hospital Corey died but Daniel survived with a broken hip. Silva was arrested on Monday 11th May on the suspicion of murder as he tried to flee from the crash but was stopped by people who came to help out. A day before his birthday, he posted a video “deleting in 24 hours” in which he shared the plans for his birthday. It was unfortunately his last video and never got to delete it in 24 hours

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