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Spencer, popularly known as Spencewuah is an American TikToker who is famous for his duet and comedy content which he posts on his social media accounts. The star gained traction on social media by posting short and funny videos on his TikTok account.

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Spencer ‘Spencewuah’ was born on 23rd July 2001. Not much is known about the star’s full name, his family background or personal details. It is however known that his real name is Spencer and that he has a sister knosm as Sparrow.

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Although there is no information about his education, considering his age it is assumed that he must have graduated from high school and must be in the University at the moment. We hope the star reveals more about himself in the coming days.

Spencewuah’s career and professional life

Since joining social media as a creator, Spencer has been able to garner massive followers. The star is particularly famous on TikTok whatever he has 8.7 million followers so far.

Spencewuah is famous for his comedy skits, reacting videos and dueting. He also shares funny dance videos as well. Prior to his fame on social media, the star was a Starbucks Batista.


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The star is not only famous on TikTok but has been able to pull a huge followership on Instagram where he’s amassed over 781,000 fans. Along with his content, the star is also known for his looks, cute smiles, style anxiety amazing personality.

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His Net Worth

The star is pretty much active on all his social media accounts and looks to build on them. He’s been uploading funny videos, eye-catching pictures and lots more to the amusement of his fans.

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