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Nathan sharp is a Korean-American born in Richmond Virginia, but currently residing in the greater Los Angeles area. Because his father was in the military, “he moved around a lot. He went from Virginia to Europe to Florida with a couple of smaller moves within those.

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His background and frequent moves caused him to have to “deal with a lot of social anxiety and introversion” growing up. He became interested in music because “it’s the only thing he wasn’t horrible at as a kid”.He also enjoyed playing console video games (not so much PC games), saying, “I love playing with a controller on a couch…that is gaming to me, that’s just what I grew up with.

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His Career

In 2012, Nathan Sharp combined those two passions into a series of YouTube music videos where he created parodies of popular songs to apply to his favorite video games, especially Pokemon. As Pokemon fights usually begin with the phrase, “[player name] wants to battle!”, he made “NateWantsToBattle” the name of his channel.

He also began posting video game playthroughs, Top 10 lists, and vlogs and created the Pokemonday Show. In 2014, Nate branched out into making unique cover versions of existing video game tracks, music videos dedicated to anime, or English versions of anime opening songs, and eventually, he began writing and composing his own music.

Nate claims the popularity of his YouTube channel was because “He accidentally found something that had a huge audience that only a few people were catering to. I got the idea to write about a popular game, its lore and the deeper, emotional meaning I found to it and I guess it just resonated with others as much as it did with me”.

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After releasing several compilation albums of his video game songs, he released Sandcastle Kingdoms in 2017, his first album of completely original music which charted on Billboard and iTunes He also helped create an independent record label named “Give Heart Records” and joined a new metal band named “Ghost Fight” and another band named “Roll For It”.

On June 1, 2018, Nate released his second original album known as Paid in Exposure. He has admitted that one of the songs has to do with his DCA character, Paultin. In addition to singing, Nate can be seen playing the piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Spanish guitar, ocarina, mini-harp, and keyboard in his videos.

Nathan Sharp’s Net Worth

The star has amassed a huge following since gaining traction on social media. As of February 2021, Nathan Sharp’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million.

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