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Camryn Clifford is one of YouTube’s biggest stars, trending with over 1.5 million followers on her Cam and Fam YouTube channel, reviewing the exploits of the 19-year-old, her husband Landon, and their two young children.

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Clifford’s world was rocked back in August when Landon, also 19, took his own life, and she opened up about how she and their children are fairing in a Thursday appearance on-show titled “The Tamron Hall ”.

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She lamented the time that I got pregnant with my second daughter and we moved away, away from our parents to just kind of be on our own and feel that freedom of living alone and having our kids and just really feeling like a family,” she explained.

How Is Camryn Clifford Dealing With Her Husband’s Death?

Being isolated like that wasn’t good for either of us, and it just kind of led down this path that got worse and worse, and then he went to get help and ended up getting an addiction to his medication, to his pills,” she continued. “And that’s really when things spiraled out of control.”

YouTube star and young father Landon Clifford hanged himself after struggling with depression and drug addiction for years, his heartbroken wife told their nearly 1.4 million subscribers.

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Camryn Clifford talked about her husband’s death in a 36-minute video that she posted to their popular Cam&Fam YouTube channel. He was only 19.
The storming emotional video was titled “My Husband Passed Away/Telling His Story,” the video reveals how Camryn found Landon hanging in the garage after he’d told her he was going to take a bath and how she cut him down with a knife before calling 911.

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Landon lingered six days in a coma before doctors declared him brain dead on Aug. 18. He has had mental health issues for as long as I have known him. Landon suffered from anxiety and depression. He has ADHD which he has had since he was a little boy, so his whole life he’s always just kind of struggled with his.

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