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Caroline Calloway was born on December 5th, 1991. She is an American internet personality who is popular for posting Instagram photos with extremely long captions. The star gained traction on social media whilst attending the University of Cambridge.

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The Early Life Of Caroline Calloway

At the age of seventeen, Caroline changed her last name to Gotschall Calloway. She is related to the renowned entrepreneur cum real estate mogul, Own Burns who happens to be her maternal great grandfather. Owen Burns developed many of the historic structures of Sarasota, Florida.

Caroline graduated high school in 2010 (Philips Exeter Academy) and went on to study history at the New York University (NYU). She however did not complete the degree as she left NYU to restart her undergraduate studies at Edwards College in Cambridge where she later graduated in 2016.

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Her Career

Caroline has been involved in many careers such as writing, sex work, and also social media influencing. 

The star joined Instagram in 2012 with the help of her NYU classmate Natalie Beach. Her Instagram account at that time documented her life at Cambridge University. Since joining social media, the star has been able to amass over 676,000 followers on Instagram, 55.9k followers on Twitter, and 10.8k fans on the video-sharing platform TikTok. As of February 2021, Caroline’s net worth is estimated at $1-$5 million.

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