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Twitch was launched in June 2011 and had its headquarters in San Francisco’s Financial District. It was birthed by Justin.tv, which was a site that provided video game streaming services.

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The video-streaming platform is operated by Twitch Interactive, which was acquired by Amazon in 2014. Over the years, the video-streaming platform has evolved into a prominent hub for millions of e-sports streaming services seekers. Back in February 2014, the platform was ranked the fourth largest source of Internet traffic in the US, only behind Netflix, Google and Apple.

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What can one stream on Twitch?

The content on the video-streaming platform can either be viewed live or through video-on-demand, based on customer preference.

It offers a wide variety of entertainment content, focusing primarily on video game live streaming. Stream options range from e-sports competitions, gaming-related talk shows, music broadcasts, creative content, and in real life’ streams (which was recently added).
All contents are tagged under three main categories: IRL, Creative, and Game genres.

What Kind Of Content Should One Stream On The Platform?

The video-streaming platform was originally launched to stream gaming content. The platform has been used for a very long time for this purpose as well. The most popular category of games on the platform in terms of hours watched are League of Legends and Fortnite. So if you’re thinking about making some money from streaming, you should consider streaming these two categories of games.

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Another way Twitch is massively used is the Just Chatting category with over 650 million hours watched and year-on-year growth of 42%. If you want to stream and are not good with games, you may consider this category which does not necessarily have anything to do with games and gamer culture.

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