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Social media has come to stay. It is safe to say that the tables have well and truly turned for the better. With influencers among the top earners in the society at the moment, most people are keen on making a career of the newly found goldmine. The question for most is how they can become successful influencers on social media. Here’s how to become a successful influencer in 2021

1. Identify Your Niche

Before you begin your journey to becoming an influencer, you need to first of all know where you belong. You need to choose your community where your interest lies and where you can consistently create good content. You should have some basic knowledge about the niche you have chosen for a greater optimisation of your content.

2. Optimise Your Social Media Profiles

The next step after choosing your community or niche is to select your most preferred social media platforms where you would like to establish your presence. You should bear in mind that while some influencers are popular on several social media platforms, it is better to start off on just one platform and expand as time goes on.

3. Switch To A Business Account

If you are planning on making money from social media as an influencer, you’ll need to switch to a business account to unlock more opportunitites. You can do that by navigating to the profile settings.

4. Create an Engaging Bio

Bios are the first thing people see when they visit your profile for information. An interactive bio should be able to tell your story in a captivating way that will make the reader want to surf through your content. An engaging bio should contain your name, location, contact details, and area (s) of expertise.

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5. Add a Profile Pic and Cover Photo

You also need an interesting profile and cover photo that attracts your audience. Your profile and cover photos need to represent your brand and identity. For profile photos, make sure to take a close shot such that your face is visible and the picture quality is good.

While these are the primary things to do to set you on your way to becoming a successful influencer, more needs to be done to bring it home. Starting from the scratch keeps you atop and ready to surf the internet as a new brand looking to make a name.

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