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Lil Jerz is an American social media commentator, prankster, and social media star. She is most noticed on her LIL JERZ YouTube channel. She was born on March 3, 2004, in the United States

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Her Early Life

Ever since Jerz was a kid, she was passionate about modeling. Her childhood was great amidst a slot of attention. Her perfect childhood is said to be the catalyst that has unquestionably played a pivotal role to achieve the progress she is getting momentarily. She has not said much about her education but given her age, she seems to be in high school.

Her Career

Lil Jerz began her social media heist through Youtube and Twitter. She began in June of 2017. She officially started posting videos a while later. Her debut video which she posted on March 31, 2019, titled “Q & A IM BACK ( why J&A is over ? )”.

Usually, she posts the video related to daily vlogs, pranks, rates my outfit, and many more. Her videos are quite interesting which has attracted thousands of subscribers on her Youtube channel. Some of her most notable videos are RED SPOT, PRANK ON NEW BOYFRIEND (he kicked me out) WEARING A SCANDALOUS OUTFIT ON BIG BROTHER PRANK!!, I TOLD MY CRUSH I LIKED HIS BESTFRIEND, Big brother rates My SCANDALOUS outfits !! *he gets MAD *.

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She has featured her mother on one of her Youtube videos titled “ET MY MOM DO MY MAKEUP.” She grew up with her two brothers and features them regularly on her Youtube videos. Her brothers Justice Cook and Yung Reece who is also a rapper are also social media personalities. She created her Tiktok account @liljerz on October 2, 2019, and posted her first video after getting 200 followers.

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Little haul from @shophypebabe 😘🦋

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She posted her first Tiktok video on the song “obsessed” by Mariah Carey along with her brother. Lil Jerz has posted much dancing and lip-syncs videos on Tiktok. She also has an Instagram account where she posts her daily life experiences. She first posted on December 25, 2017, along with her brother.

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