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Not too long ago social media was only used for fun. All that has changed now, with creators on social media attaining heights no one ever thought possible. Creators are paid heavily for posting viral content on social media platforms, so much so that they can actually take it up as a full-time career.

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You may have been posting but you haven’t received the number of likes and follows you were hoping for, well, maybe there are some things you aren’t getting right. So here are some ways to make your videos go viral on TikTok.

Start Your Video With A Banger

You need to remember that TikTok is a world of its own. You need to grab people’s attention as soon as they view your post before they swipe past your video to view other content. Begin your video with some catchy action that draws the viewer’s attention to watch your video. You should do that by setting the tone and topic of the video within the first few seconds so that people understand the message you’re trying to pass.

Keep Your Videos as short and informative as possible

Research has shown that most viral videos are between 15 to 30 seconds in length. Try to keep your videos within the shortest possible timeframe, except you’re telling a long story that won’t make sense if it is cut short. TikTok compares the average length of watch time compared to the length of the video as a method of evaluating your video’s quality. You may want to keep your videos short as people are most likely to watch 8 seconds of a 10-second video than 48 seconds of a 1-minute video.

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Record Your Own Audio

Recording a voiceover gives TikTok a significant amount of keywords and information to work with. This enables the platform to show your videos to the right audience that may be interested in watching your videos to the end.

Use Trending Music Or Sounds

Whether you decide to do a voiceover or not, it’s worth always including trending music in your videos. You can certainly choose your songs, but TikTok is a social platform where people feed off the trends, so it’s just substantially more likely that you’ll do well if you use current trending songs. Always layer a song quietly in the background with a voiceover too.

Stick To What You Know

Remember when stories were all you wanted as a kid? Well, that might still be true as a grown-up. Stories are more likely to go viral than dances. So unless you’re a good dancer or a hilariously bad one, please do not attempt to. If you can not tell a story, maybe you can share tips, advice, or other stuff you’re good at.

Always have a strong Call to Action

This is one of the most important things that will not only help your video go viral but will also help to improve your following. You could get a million views with only 1000 followers which is not cool. You need a strong call to action to help you get more followers. Something like…….. “like for part 2”, “follow for more”, “hit the like button for another edition”, and lot’s more.

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