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Mario Bautista is a famous Mexican-born pop singer, R&B dancer, and social media star. He is also a YouTuber known for his sketch comedies and Vine compilations.

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His self-titled YouTube channel has accumulated a lot of subscribers and fans. He has also collaborated with popular Vine star Curtis Lepore on many occasions. One of the secrets of Mario’s popularity is that he pays a lot of attention to the requests of his fans and posts videos accordingly.

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He has been part of many national and international tours, including the famous ‘Aqui Estoy Tour,’ which was named after his debut album. With so many achievements and awards, Mario is rightfully called ‘Mexican Youth Star.’ Mario was born into a family of musicians. His mother is a popular pop singer in Mexico.

His career

Mario’s journey in the world of entertainment has been incredible so far. He entered the list of Billboard’sSocial 50 Chart right after releasing his first album. The list contains names like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez. This tells you how far he has gone with his career.

The fact he did so after just releasing his first album is simply amazing. Mario started his dance and voice training when he was in elementary school. His training mainly focused on hip-hop and R&B. By the time he finished high school, Mario had already started posting videos, where he showcased his expertise in singing and dancing. He later started composing and singing rap as well.

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These videos bought a lot of attention for him both from fans and critics. He then ventured into comedy. Mario created numerous sketch comedies and Vine compilations which he posted on his seself-titledouTube channel. He used his fame to market his skills to the world and made known his talent. Not long after he began releasing music albums. In 2015, Mario received four major awards, namely ‘Best North American Act’ at ‘MTV Europe Music Award,’ ‘Kids’ Choice Award,’ and a couple of ‘MTV Millennial Awards.’

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