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Shari Franke was born on the 3rd of March, 2003 in Logan. She is one of six kids featured on the YouTube channel 8 Passengers alongside her parents Kevin and Ruby Franke who run the channel.

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She started her self-titled channel in 2018 on which she posts vlogs, makeup tutorials, unboxing videos, and storytime videos. Since her channel is monitored by her parents, she exercises caution while choosing the content of her videos. She has done many makeup videos, which can be found on her channel as well as on her family’s YouTube channel.

Her Early Life of Shari Franke

Shari Franke played softball when she was a kid. She eventually became a pitcher. She was a perfectionist growing up. The YouTube star is always focused on completing her school projects and assignments on time. She pays extra attention to every single detail in whatever she does.

She is very organized and prefers planning her day. The star has a record of solving a Rubik’s cube in a minute and 23 seconds. She is the oldest child of Kevin and Ruby.

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Her younger siblings are Chad, Abby, Julie, Russell, and Eve. Shari attended a public school for a few years, but later complained about the environment as many of the students used abusive language and did drugs. This had a huge impact on Shari and this scared her parents. Hence, they decided to enroll her at a private school.

Her career

The 8 Passengers YouTube channel has amassed over 2.4 million subscribers. She plays an important role during the giveaway events organized and is the one who hands out various giveaways on behalf of her parents.

The giveaways are usually announced on channel 8 Passengers. She usually uses pointers from her parents in making her videos. The videos posted on her channel are similar to those found on the channel ‘8 Passengers.’ Some of her popular videos include travel vlogs, makeup tutorials, unboxing videos, pranks, Christmas vlogs, and storytime videos.

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