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Meet: Bethany Simpson A.K.A @bethsimps on TikTok. Bethany is an aspiring actress and performer with plans to move to LA over the summer. She is currently in her last semester of college at Columbia in Chicago. She is most famously known for her videos portraying Nickelodeon character Jade West.

We Wanted To Dive Deeper Into Bethany And Her Background, Here’s What She Had To Say:

Cox: Why did you want to become an influencer?

Bethany: I actually never actively sought out influencing, it kind of just… happened. But I ran with it! I don’t know, I think that having a platform like this is such a privilege. It’s something so many people want to do but very few can. So I decided to pursue it, because I know that I am someone who will use my platform for something other than my own benefit.

Cox: Why is your content unique?

Bethany: It’s unique because I switch up my content frequently! I’ve done POVs, acting videos, singing videos, impressions, drinking games…. To name a few. Sticking to the same niche is boring, and I want people who follow me for me and not my content.

Cox: What led to the success of your influencer career?

Bethany: Without my drinking games, I would be nowhere! Which is quite ironic, because my audience is way too young to be using actual drinks! My most viewed video is a drinking game for the movie The Kissing Booth, at 3.8M views and 850K likes.

Cox: What are your goals for the future?

Bethany: Anything, as long as I’m creating! Influencing, acting, recording music, and teaching are all on my radar. You can never have too many interests.

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Cox: What is your favorite part of being an influencer?

Bethany: Making connections! There’s so many people I’ve met through social media that I never would’ve had the opportunity to connect with otherwise. It’s also awesome to just be able to share my art and creations with an audience.

Cox: What is your least part of being an influencer?

Bethany: Probably the stress that comes with being active and “on” all the time. Sometimes it becomes a bit hard to differentiate the real world from the social media world that we also live in. It’s hard to accept that it’s okay to take a break when I need it!

Want to check out more of Beth? Make sure to check her out on Tik Tok.

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