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Only last year Instagram announced that it was rolling out updates that will allow creators to earn money directly on the platform’s IGTV. These new updates included ads that are now featured on IGTV videos, badges that viewers can buy during a live video, and an upgrade on Brand Collabs Manager (which is basically Facebook’s influencer marketing platform).

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Why Is It A Big Deal?

The launch of video ads may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is. This is because it’s the first time creators are making money directly from IGTV since its launch some three years ago. The incorporation of IGTV ads into the already existing ‘Shopping From Creators’ gives creators access to a full-fledged money-making platform.

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How Can Creators Benefit From This?

the platform’s Chief of Operations, Justin Osofsky, shared that those in the program will receive an “industry stand” 55% share of all advertising on IGTV. That’s pretty sleek considering that creators often thrive on brand advertisements and ads on these platforms. 

How Much Will Creators Make From IGTV?

The creation of IGTV is a strategic development that will allow creators to earn some extra bucks. The question that remains is how much they’ll be making from IGTV.“There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to monetization, so we’re focused on building a suite of tools that can support the different needs and ambitions of creators in the long term,” Mr. Osofsky wrote in an email.

Unlike its YouTube and Twitter counterparts, it is yet unclear how much the platform is willing to splash on its creators at the moment.

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