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Since announcing the incorporation of “spotlight” as the new addition to its platform, video sharing platform Snapchat has since brought everything o the war against TikTok and other competitors. Since late November, Snapchat has maintained a $1 million daily pay which allows creators to get a share of the money from each day’s top-performing videos which happen to appear on Spotlight.

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The move was introduced to lure more creators to make videos for Spotlight, and in turn, help the company to make and retain its users. While the feature is relatively new on Snap, records have shown that it has now reported over 100 million active users monthly. The app grew to 265 million global active users in the fourth quarter of 2020, an improvement from the 249 million recorded in the third quarter.

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Why You Should Get Your Share Now

While Snap has given out more than $110 million overall across the markets where Spotlight is live, there are indications that the payouts may be reducing over time. Although creators say the feature has brought them back to the app and made them want to spend more time on it, there are fears that the pay may be reduced once the platform gets saturated. They however pledged to continue using the feature even if the payouts end. But why wait for the payouts to end when you can earn your share of the snap money now?

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