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Did you know that with the Instagram Music sticker you can add music and lyrics to your Instagram stories? If you’re looking for a creative way to add fun to your posts to thrill your community, this post is for you.

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The Instagram Stories music sticker is quite tricky and most persons have found it elusive. Some users have managed to locate it – having only a limited music library or no access at all. This post will show you how to add music to your Instagram stories and also seek to explain why some accounts do not have access to the feature.

How To Add Music To IG Stories

You can follow these few steps to add music to your stories when posting on Instagram. First, you’ll need to download the latest version of the IG app on Android or IOS from Playstore or Apple Store respectively. Next, launch the app, open the IG stories camera, and select the photo or video of your choice.

Next, tap the stickers button at the top of the screen and choose the music sticker. This will automatically launch the Instagram music library where you can make your choice from thousands of available songs. If you do not know which song to select you can browse through the “For You” tab of suggested songs, browse by categories or search for a specific song.

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Once you’ve made your choice, you can fast-forward or rewind through the song to select the perfect spot that fits your story. If lyrics are available for the song you select, they’d pop up on your screen. You can then select different designs and fonts for them. You can then post the story when you’re done.

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Please note that business accounts may only access a limited variety of songs due to licensing agreements. Also, only users in Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Sweden, The UK, The US, and Canada have access to this feature at the moment.

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