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Juan Pablo Martínez-Zurita Arellano who is commonly known as Juanpa Zurita, is a Mexican social media influencer, vlogger, actor and model. He was born on March 29th, 1996.

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He was born in Mexico City, Mexico, to Fernando Martínez-Zurita Reed and Teresa Arellano. He has two brothers Fernando Zuritaand Andrés Zurita, and a sister Paola Zurita. His family moved to the United States during his youth following his father’s appointment as a political counselor at the Mexican Embassy in Washington, D.C. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

His Career

He climbed the ladder of fame in 2013 through making comedy videos on the Vine app. He posted his first Vine on 11 June 2013, which was named “That dog killed Chuck Norris and was after me.” This first short video featuring his dog, Puca, received thousands of views in a few days. His subsequent vines were often created with one of his brothers. When the Vine application closed in 2017, he had more than 1.8 million followers.

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He later diversified his attention to YouTube when the vine app was closed where he posted vlogs and entertainment videos on the YouTube platform. He created various campaigns in favor of humanitarian aid. Juanpa Zurita began modeling in 2016, being the frequent image of the firm Pull&Bear in its events, as a model and as a guest artist in the openings of the new sites of the Inditex brand or the launch of new collections of men’s clothing.

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Ah – y me sigue sin salir la barba pic.twitter.com/KaOarKmKYB

— JUANPA ZURITA 🇲🇽 (@JuanpaZurita) March 29, 2021

In October of that same year, he was photographed to promote Calvin Klein in Mexico. In 2017 he collaborated in the Paris fashion show with Louis Vuitton, paraded for Dolce & Gabbana on the Fashion Week runway in Milan, and appeared on the cover of the July–August 2017 edition of GQ Italia.

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