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Reuben is a Welsh pop singer and song writer who became famous after performing on NBC’s “Little Big Shots”. He is popular for his appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres” show which aired in April 2017. The famous pop singer is also a master of cosmetics who is well known on YouTube. Reuben has impressed several glamorous ladies and models with his passion for business, so much so that Kim Kardashian is a devotee of his work.

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The star is also known to post make-up tutorials regularly. He has also met several important people in an honour occasion for BBC Radio 1. His mother is known as Vicki while his sister’s name is Coco.

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His Career

The pop singer had a passion for make-up since he was eight years old. He had admitted to watching a ton of make-up instructional exercises on YouTube as a child. His presentation on Ellen’s show helped him garner more than 100,000 followers in a matter of seconds after the meeting.

His Net Worth

The star has gained over – on Instagram, – subscribers on YouTube, and – followers on TikTok. As of April 2021, Reuben has a net worth of about $43,000 from his YouTube channel and other sources.

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