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Born Julianna Grace Lebanc in 2004 on the 5th of December to parents Billy and Katie Leblanc, Jules is a former gymnast, actress, singer and YouTuber. She is known professionally as both Annie Leblanc and Jules Leblanc. Jules became famous on YouTube for staring on her family’s vlog YouTube channel “Bratayley” alongside her siblings. She has accumulated over 4 million subscribers and 500 million views on YouTube. She also has a good followership on her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

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Jules Leblanc gained fame during her childhood at the tender age of 3 years when videos of her gymnastic meets and tutorials were published on her YouTube channel formerly known as “Acroanna”.

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Jules kickstarted a career in music via her TikTok handle @julesleblanc, when she started uploading her music on the account. Due to the attention she received, she won the “Shorty Award” for “Muser of the year” in April 2018. Leblanc released her first original single, “ordinary girl” in November 2017.

She also collaborated with Hayden Summerall for a YouTube cover of “Little Do You Know” by Alex & Sierra and the song cover went viral, and peaked at position 48 on the “Emerging artists Billboard chart” and Jules also made a cover of “Fly” by Maddie & Tae which peaked at 34 on the Billboard charts in “Country” songs category.

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Jules LeBlanc made a breakthrough in acting when she was cast alongside Hayden Sumerall as leads in “Chicken Girls”. The series highlighted Jules’ relationship with Hayden and focused on the daily lives of a group of friends and dancers at the faux high school, “Attaway High”. The series was released by “Brat” on YouTube in August 2017 and the show’s Debut episode received over 10 million views on YouTube as of May 2018.

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In February 2018, variety announced that Lionsgate would be distributing a full-length feature film of “Chicken Girls: The movie” and Skyhorse publishing also announced a deal to turn the show into a book series.

Her family’s vlog channel on YouTube stopped uploading videos in November 2019 so that the family could focus on other projects. Also, adding to her acting career, Jules starred in Brat’s feature film, “Holiday Spectacular” in December 2018 and in November 2019, she was cast in a lead role for a Nickelodeon buddy comedy series “Side Hustle alongside Jayden Bartels.

Net Worth

Jules Leblanc is known to earn from her shows, brand and YouTube channel. Her vlogs also generate revenue for her. Her net worth is tagged at $3 million as of April 2021 with her online career being her main source of income.

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