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The entrepreneurial world has recently become saturated with influencers from all around the world. It is interesting to see that influencers no longer use their money only to derive aesthetic recognition, but are now also investing. This current trend has seen the likes of Josh Richards and Bryce Hall amongst others delve right into the world of business with their influencer-made money. 

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TikTok influencers have become increasingly notorious for investing in startups and creating new brands alongside their social media clime. Josh Richards only recently announced the coming on board of another of his investments, Ani Energy which seeks to rival other energy drinks in town.

What Is Ani Energy?

Ani Energy is an energy drink company co-founded by Josh Richards. The social media star who had earlier announced his investment with Triller has taken on a new adventure with the energy drink company.

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The star has collaborated with several of his team members from TalentX Entertainment to bring this one home.  The drink which is known to boost energy and sharpen focus without the inevitable caffeine crash looks to make its mark in the energy drink market. 

Why Is The Energy Drink Generating So Much Noise

As with other influencer-backed ventures, Ani Energy has received so much backing from social media stars. Not only is it backed by co-founders Josh Richards and Bryce Hall, but the entire Sway House community which happens to be one of TikTok’s most hallowed homes for the most influential social media stars.

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From getting a thousand supporters to a hundred million more, Ani Energy is already on its way to stardom. But really, what sets the energy drink apart from other brands?

Unlike the regular energy drinks we have, Ani Energy has gone the extra mile with its online and physical presence. One can easily drop by any store to restock, or, more importantly order for a restock online and get it in few minutes. This is an improvement to the regular drinks which have to be gotten at the store, moreso nowadays where people are hesitant to go to stores due to the pandemic.

The marketing strategy and publicity generated by the energy drink sets it apart also, making it one of the most publicized and patronized energy drinks in the region during the pandemic. Truly, it can be said that Ani Energy is revolutionizing the future of energy drinks.

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