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Hali’a Beamer is an American TikTok star and social media personality. she was born on the 4th of April, 2005 in Oahu, Hawaii in the United States of America. She turned 16 years old today as at the time of this article. She is also known as Aloha Hai’a. Her mother, Beth is also an internet personality mostly active on Instagram. She has three siblings.

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Her Career

She started social media at a very young age on, now known as Tiktok. Hali’a Beamer started gaining followers on Instagram when she started posting modeling pictures on the platform. She became popular on the gram and used that popularity to feed her Tiktok dream.

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She started doing that with a lip sync video which she posted on Instagram on the song Work from Home which was in 2016. After gaining noticeable recognition on Tiktok, posting became a regular thing for her. Her posts ranged from various lip syncs to dancing videos. She has lip-synced many popular songs by artists like Snoop Dogg, Ty Dolla Sign, Future, Ariana Grande, and the rest. She is now a crowned Tiktok star.


LMAOO this dance is cute

♬ original sound – robert lilly

Her charm, precision in her makeup, and her beautiful face help her gain the attraction she needs on the app which transcends to having followers. Her influence is also felt on Youtube. She opened her channel with Youtube in the closing days of 2013. Her content on the channel ranges from makeup tutorials, beauty challenges, and tag.

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She hasn’t been a regular on youtube but has managed to attract lots of subscribers on the channel. Her Youtube video ‘Ride Slow Out Now// Hali’a Beamer//’ is her biggest hit on Youtube, it gained about 3.4 views and added 447 thousand new subscribers to her channel.

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