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Born on April 10th, 2002 in Los Angeles, California, Kenneth Paul San Jose, known for short as Ken San Jose is a Filipino-American dancer. He is popular for his participation in the World of Dance Philippines contest where he came 3rd place in the final round.

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His Career

The star decided to pursue a career in dancing instead of singing in 2014. He then underwent training in formal hip-hop and currently learns dancing from several notable studios including Millenium Dance Complex and Movement Lifestyle. 

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Ken Jose has appeared on various advertisements for Televisions and videos for Kidz Bop 27 & 29 TruTv’s Fake Off. He has also appeared on ABC Mouse 2015, Radio Disney Music Awards 2015, and MTV Mexico.

To enable him to gain more traction in the world of dance, Ken joined the World of Dance Philippines where he entered the Juniors Division and slowly made his way to the finals.

Although he is more focused on his dancing, the star released the single “Lose Control” in 2019, and “A Chance To Hold” in 2020. He also went on to release a Taglish single titled Halma in the same year.

The dancer’s father Cres San Jose was a member of the Back on Track dance group before he was later diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2017 and passed away in 2018. 

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His Net Worth

Ken has hit some pretty good highs with his numbers over the years. The star dancer has managed to amass a little under 1 million followers on Instagram, 21.1k followers on Twitter, 1.4 million followers on TikTok, and 456,000 subscribers on YouTube. His net worth as of April 2021 is estimated at $345 million.

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