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The 21st Century has brought with it lots of ways to make money without having to go through the rigors of job hunting. One of the platforms at the helm of events is Facebook’s very own Instagram. The social media platform is now one of the most recognized platforms housing dozens of well-known creators around the globe. 

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While other users may prefer to surf the platform for fun, creators have been able to get the reward for creating content on the platform. It is never enough though, is it? While Instagram is trying its best, other rival platforms are always on the go, ready to poach their creators off the marketplace. The platform has however released new features aimed at helping creators generate more income from their content in the hopes of keeping them on the platform.

What Are The New Features?

More than anything, Instagram has shown that it is dedicated to making sure its creators reap enough rewards for their content. On Tuesday the company released a new set of features to further entice new creators and keep the old ones from leaving. One of these features includes a marketplace that has been designed to help match creators with brands such that their content finds the right audience they are trying to reach. This is good news because viewers will no longer see irrelevant posts and creators will also have their content go to the ones who will be appreciative of the content. 

This is also good news for upcoming creators as the tool will help brands discover emerging creators hence leveling the playing field. “We should be able to help brands find creators that are uniquely aligned with the work they’re trying to do and vice versa,” Mosseri said on an Instagram Live broadcast with Zuckerberg.

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Another feature that has been unveiled by the platform is Creator Shops, a platform that seeks to allow creators to sell their goods directly to Instagram users through their profiles on the platform. These shops allow businesses to sell directly to users. Also, the platform will allow creators to get a cut of sales for every product that they recommend in their content, it’s a win-win situation. 

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When Will These Features Be Made Public?

At the moment the executives have not yet revealed when these new features will be incorporated into the platform. However, it is believed that it won’t be long down the road before these features are rolled out.

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