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Are you a small business owner struggling to come up with ideas for you what to post? Meet: Brendan Cox, an American entrepreneur specializing in building brands through social media. Along with being an entrepreneur, he also is an author and journalist often recognized for his entrepreneurial based literature. He is a co-founder of Business Blurb amongst numerous other endeavors.

Cox recently released his new series 365 Days of Social Posts. “365 Days of Social Posts” is the solution to never running out of ideas for what to post on your social platforms. This book provides you 365 days of unique content ideas to grow and establish your brand on Facebook and Instagram. This is the social media marketing book that every small business needed but didn’t know existed.

Every small business owner needs a copy of this book. If you are a small business owner struggling to think of what to post on social media you need this book. “365 Days of Social Media Posts For Small Businesses” has saved hundreds of entrepreneurs tons of time and energy in creating and maintaining their social presence. Head over to Amazon and grab yourself a copy today!

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