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Who Are The Nelk Boys?

The Nelk Boys is a YouTube collaborative of Canadian entertainers. The group is made of up three members; Kyle Forgeard, Jesse Sebastiani, and Steve Delonardis.

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The YouTube channel is well known for its prank videos which it uploads on its channel. Kyle Forgeard and Steve Deleonardis created the YouTube channel in July 2010 where they frequently released prank videos. Soon after Jesse Sebastiani joined the duo to create content for the group including the North American college culture at this point. 

Due to the nature of their pranks, the Nelk Boys have been to prison many times. This perhaps accounts for their rise to fame over time. 

How Much Does the Nelk Boys Make?

With more than 6.4 million subscribers on social media, the group have garnered maximum earnings from their YouTube account. The channel has a total of 237 videos which have acquired a total of 925 million views so far. The Nelk Boys get an estimated average of 700,000 views a day, amounting to a revenue of about $3500 per day.  

Although the Nelk Boys are famous for their notorious pranks, they are also known to have a TV reality series and also for their online merchandise which they sell on their website. Before becoming famous for their YouTube channel, Jesse Sebastiani made a self-published documentary known as Saved by the Status. The trio also has a TV reality series which has a rating of 8.2 on IMDb. The series which began in 2013 was cast up until 2020.

The group also makes money from selling merchandise at different jersey shore houses. Their brand known as Full Send is famous among the fans of the group. The merchandise is sold to their large community consisting of their most loyal fans. They sell merchandise such as T-shirts, Jerseys, Hats, Ladies Items, and many more. 

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Considering their merchandise and how much they sell, the group makes an estimated profit of $906,000. The group has made well over $1.36 million in merchandise sales so far. 

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