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Jack Manifold is an 18-year-old Englishman who was born on August 14th, 2002. He is popularly known by his online alias, JackManifoldTv (formerly known as Thunder1408).

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He is a renowned Twitch streamer and a good friend of Tubbo and Tommyinnit (who is a member of Dream SMP). Before joining the SMP, his streams had an average viewership of 100 active viewers. This number has skyrocketed to more than 5,0000 active users since joining the SMP.

Jack’s Personal Life

Born in England, the star lives in the midlands with his parents and brother, Jack Manifold, 15. There was once a video of Jack playing GTA with his two friends but he has since removed it for unspecified reasons.

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What Is Jack Up To In 2021?

Up until November 2020, Jack went on a break which saw him return with a promise to stream more frequently. He attributed his lack of screen time to work and school. Upon his return, the star rebranded his name from Thunder1408 to JackManifoldTv.

Earlier in January 2021, his friend Tubbo called Jack a ‘Redditor’ and referred to a discord server known as Dajungle. As to why he was called a ‘redditor’ no one knows. It is only known that the discord is owned by his IRL friend.

Jack Manifold’s Net Worth

As of March 2021 is estimated at $110,000. His primary source of income is via Twitch and YouTube where he posts videos of himself playing games. His monthly salary is estimated at $10,000 at the moment.

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