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A little over a decade ago no one would have thought gaming would become a profession to consider for a living. The narrative has changed over time. Nowadays gaming is one of the most lucrative professions one could go into without a certificate. Here’s a list of the top 10 richest gamers in 2021.

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1. Ninja aka Tyler Blevins (Net worth: $17

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While his viewership plunged, the star’s influence only rose with each endorsement from the likes of Adidas, Red Bull, and even PSD, the underwear designer. The gamer has also penned an exclusive deal with Microsoft which looks to reshape the live-streaming horizon. 

2. PewDiePie aka Felix Kjellberg (Net worth: $15 million)

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PewDiePie is mostly known as the famous YouTube maestro. The gamer has remained on top of his game although he has some competition from up and coming youngsters who are also hungry for fame and the name.

3. Preston aka Preston Arsement (Net Worth: $14 million)

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The gamer is both popular as a Minecraft player and vlogger. He is also looking to bring in seven figures annually by hosting custom versions of Minecraft with in-game spending features.

4. Markiplier aka Mark Fischbach (Net Worth: $14 million)

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Markiplier is mostly known for his humorous, over-the-top reactions to horror video games including Amnesia: The Dark Descent. He also released a choose-your-own-adventure YouTube original film known as A Heist With Markiplier.

5. Shroud aka Michael Grzesiek (Net Worth: $12.5 million)

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Shroud is the favorite gamer for most major game publishers as he has a wide range of gaming experience with various games such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Activision Blizzard. He also has a clothing line with the popular gaming brand Jinx.

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6. DanTDM aka Daniel Middleton (Net Worth: $12 million)

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Danny is a global gaming sensation largely because he is popular with Minecraft videos. He has amassed over 24 million subscribers. The star looks good for a promising and innovative 2021 already.

7. VanossGaming aka Evan Fong (Net Worth $11.5 million)

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Evan is known for his Fong’s comedic playthrough. His videos have ensured that he has more than 25 million subscribers under his belt on his YouTube channel. Evan starred as a monster hunter in Paranormal Action Squad, a premium 2016 cartoon series on YouTube.

8. Jacksepticeye aka Sean Mcloughlin (Net Worth: $11 million)

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The star is Ireland’s most popular YouTuber. He has uploaded videos on various games, amassing over 24 million subscribers so far. The star also started a clothing brand sometime in 2018 with fellow YouTuber Mark Markiplier Fischbach.

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9. TimTheTatman aka Timothy Betar (Net Worth: $8 million)

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TimTheTatman is best known for his comedic, good-natured Fortnite streams. His mode of presentation has made him a favorite with brands such as Reese’s and Bud Light. He is a commentator for the NFL’s Thursday Night Football games on Twitch, as well as a live streamer. 

10. Nickmercs aka Nick Kolcheff (Net Worth: $6 million)

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The star rose to prominence by playing Fortnite with a controller which is considered more challenging than using a keyboard-and-mouse setup. His use of a controller for the game helped him to become the tenth-most-watched streamer in 2019. The star also signed a 2-year exclusivity deal with Twitch worth over $2 million.

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