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Streaming has become one of the most lucrative careers one can try out. In recent times, YouTube has received competition from streaming services such as Twitch which is arguably one of the most-used streaming services at the moment. 

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For someone who is new to the streaming space and is itching to get into streaming action, Twitch is just the right place for you. Not only is streaming your games on Twitch fun, but it also comes with earning some money which increases as your popularity and number of views per stream also increases. Here’s everything you need to start streaming on Twitch in 2021.

How To Start Streaming on Twitch in 2021

Streaming on Twitch varies for the particular setup you are using depending on whether you are streaming from a PC, Playstation 4, or Xbox. There are however certain things everyone needs to start streaming on Twitch. They include

1. A Gaming System

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Streaming on Twitch requires a good gaming system. While you can stream from a MAC, it’s typically not recommended

, however, do ensure to get a windows PC which will offer a much broader range of games as well as the possibility for better gaming performance at a lower rate. It is strongly recommended that one chooses a PC with a dedicated video card for gaming (usually NVIDIA). This is because video cards provide noticeably better performance and graphics.

2. Fast and Reliable Internet Service

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Another important requirement for streaming on Twitch is a stable internet connection. For high definition streaming (720p or greater), an upload speed of at least 3.5 Mbps is ideal. A faster download speed means a faster upload speed and vice versa.

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3. A Good Router

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A good router is as important as the connection speed. For optimum performance, look for a router with the same speed as your connection. A device with strong antennas, advanced features like MU-MIMO support, and a powerful processor will enhance your connectivity and reduce the likelihood of other online activities interfering with your streaming.

4. Streaming Software for PC

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A third-party streaming software is required to produce your streams for upload on Twitch. Some well-known streaming software is XSplit and OBS. 

5. A Webcam

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This requirement is not compulsory but can help personalize your streams for individuals looking to broadcast reactions to the game they’re playing. Choosing a webcam usually involves finding a good mix of price and quality.

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Having all these requirements puts you in pole position for a stream on the streaming platform Twitch

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