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Yousef Saleh Erakat, best known by his YouTube name FouseyTube, is an American YouTube personality based out of New Jersey. Fousey is of Palestinian descent and produces vlog-style content on his channels.

Here are 10 inspiring quotes from FouseyTube:

1. “Your gut. trust it.” – Fousey Tube

2. “You ever been so happy. everything’s good. but there’s that one small feeling in your stomach and mind that tries to make you feel like somethings wrong? what is that?” – Fousey Tube

3. “Only make moves if your hearts in it.” – Fousey Tube

4. “I can’t stop taking L’s.” – Fousey Tube

5. “No one is stopping you but you.” – Fousey Tube

6. “I may not ever in my life be as big as i once was on youtube, but believe me when i say i’m grateful to everyone who still watches after 10+ years in the game. it’s real love..” – Fousey Tube 

7. “Took a few L’s made me tear up…” – Fousey Tube

8. “The negative reality and life you have created in your mind is NOT REAL..” – Fousey Tube

9. “I want friends, a soul partner, and some kids. money ain’t on the list..” – Fousey Tube

10. “I gave everything i have in my 20’s but found a way to self sabatoge and lose it all. that’s fine, things come and go but it leaves me questioning what’s next for my life.” – Fousey Tube

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