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Eighteen-year-old Fabiola Baglieri is no doubt one of the biggest names you’ll come across on the video-sharing platform TikTok. She is well known for looking like a specific television character. Here’s how the model and actress rose to fame on the video-sharing platform.

Aged 18, Fabiola Baglieri has received so much attention on Tiktok for looking like a Mr. Bean, a well-known comedy character on television. When she was in school, Fabiola was bullied for looking like the character but leveraged that to become one of the best TikTokers ever. 


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The star’s makeup skill is truly exceptional. She has been known to transform herself from Mr. Bean’s daughter to Kendell Jenner with her makeup. Her transformation videos have rocked the internet since March 2021 and have gained her a massive following. 

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The actor’s transformation videos are so good that one may mistake her for another celebrity. Fabiola had to come out to state that she is not the daughter of Mr. Bean and Kendall. The star’s father is known as Arnaldo Mangini while her mother’s name is yet to be revealed. Although many linked her to Mr. Bean and Kendall, Fabiola’s creative skills are just too good. No wonder she is been praised as one of the most creative makeup artists to ever grace the social media space.

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It’s only been six months since the star became famous, but she’s racked up nearly a million followers on Instagram and 9.4 million fans on TikTok

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