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Getting pregnant at a very young age can be very devastating for some persons. But with Maddie Lambert, it turned out to be a moment that changed her life for good. After a routine visit to a doctor, Maddie discovered that she was pregnant. It came as a shock to her. She had never imagined herself as a teen mom.

The media surrounding teen moms didn’t help either. Despite considering abortion at some point, Maddie made up her mind and took the brave decision to keep her baby. She had the complete support of her family and overcame all the hate she faced during pregnancy.

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Many persons love Maddie Lambert because she is down to earth in telling her story. Often, we see celebrities portraying perfect lives and luxuries on our social media pages. It is hard to relate to their lifestyles because it is more or less a façade. Maddie is one of the real ones; it endears her to those who come across her story. She shares her experiences in life with her followers and tells her story using her YouTube channel. She is popular on YouTube for sharing videos of herself experiencing motherhood as a teenager.

Maddie became a mum at the age of 14 when she gave birth to her daughter, Everly. Her first video on YouTube was ‘Single Mom at 14: My Story’. The video was to give viewers another perspective of being a teen mom. After the video went viral, Maddie discovered that YouTube allowed her to create content and inspire others with her story. Now 18 years old, Maddie has over 1.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and shares events in her life with them as they happen. Her goal is to inspire her audience and show them how to thrive as a teen mom.

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