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Carmie Sellitto is making his mark on YouTube as one of the most sarcastic content creators you can find on the platform. Here’s how the star rose to fame on the video-sharing platform.

Born in England on September 23rd, 1998, Carmie Sellitto is a video content creator who is popular for his very funny and random videos which he posts on his YouTube account. The star grew up in Hampshire, England, and has two sisters. He started dating fellow YouTuber Kate Elisabeth in 2018 and they have both collaborated on several occasions on their YouTube accounts. Carmie Sellitto has noted that Jana Vlogs and Joe Sugg are some of his favorite YouTubers and have helped inspire him to become who he is today.

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Carmie started his YouTube journey in January 2012 with his “Don’t Watch This” video. Since then, he has won the hearts of many of his fans across social media platforms. Carmie has amassed nearly 700,000 subscribers on his touchdalight channel on YouTube. He’s also a remarkable presence on Instagram, where he’s amassed over 211,000 followers. The star is also on TikTok and has amassed nearly 600,000 followers.


being single is so hard 🥲

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The star is also a member of a YouTube collective known as Social Climbers. The group collaborates with themselves to curate the best content on the video-sharing platform. 

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