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A new house was once rented by FaZe Clan one of the biggest Youtube gaming companies ever, and this one is very impressive.

Youtube is now one of the world’s most popular sites, and people from around the globe want to live and share videos online. One of the most common types of gaming videos on Youtube is by watching people play common video games like Call of Duty and Fifa.

The FaZe clan, which has become one of the largest social media organizations, is a popular player party. And to prove it they have the home!

Who is the FAZE Clan?

The FaZe Clan is a community known for their gaming videos, playing games like Call of Duty, which became popular in 2010. They have since switched to Esports, a sports competition that included players who were vying for prize money professionally for online video games. You’re the subscribing gaming squad and you’ve got over 7 million subscribers.

Initially named FaZe Clan, Eric “Clipz’ Rivera,” Jeff ‘Housecat’ Emann and Ben ‘Resistance’ began with the current “FaZe Clan,” which now consists of over 50 people. Faze Temperr, new CEO, is also one of the world’s largest entertainment firms.

The FaZe Clan likes to rent big house in the whole of America, where they live in games videos and other media material.

Different clan members reside and often even swap around in different homes. The bulk of the houses were in Los Angeles , California as their headquarters.

Where is the NEW FAZe Home located?

The gamers have just started renting a new house for $80,000 per month in Burbank, California. Recently you created a new Youtube video called “Reveal the new FaZe house for 30 million dollars.” And while experts disagree that the house isn’t worth 30 million dollars, it’s certainly very imposing

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The apartment has an expansive white outdoors with a back yard, a swimming pool, 10 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms and a fitness center. Justin Bieber has also previously rented the building!

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