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Jaden Hossler is an American TikTok star, social media personality, and aspiring musician born in Texas but later moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Born in February 2001, he is best known for his lip-synch and funny videos.

Rise To Fame

He garnered popularity in mid-2019 primarily through his @jadenhossler TikTok account, on which he has gained over eight million followers to date. His TikTok videos are usually music, dance, or comedic, and he has made videos to songs like “Dork” by Sueco The Child, “Earfquake” by Tyler The Creator, and “Partna in Crime” by Yung Bans. He has collaborated with other creators such as Chase Hudson, Griffin Johnson, and Chase Keith.

Jaden currently works with TalentX Entertainment, the builder company home to Tal Fishman, Josh Richards, Emily Alexander, and several others. He is also a model and talented singer, with his debut single “Comatose” released in February 2020. He is also signed to Travis Barker’s music label DTA Records in 2020 and a current member of the TikTok collective, Sway House.

How Much Money Does Jaden Hossler Make?

Jaden has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand as of 2020. The Tennessee native earns from sponsored posts and merchandise, among other sources.

Commonly Asked Questions About Jaden Hossler

Is Jaden Hossler Educated?

Not much is known about his educational status. He supposedly graduated from high school.

Who Is Jaden Hossler’s Girlfriend?

He is publicly known to have shared a romantic relationship with Madison Lewis. He recently stated that he is single.

Who is Jaden’s Best Friend?

Jaden has a lot of friends as he seems to be a very outspoken person. He seems to spend a lot of time with Bryce Hall and have been arrested together.

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