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He is a famous TikTok Star and Actor from the USA born on January 13th 1999. He is originally from Paris. His Comedy mimic, humor and amusing talents are the things he is recognized for. He seems to be moving towards becoming a model. He was spotted after posting his comedy and lip-syncs video clips on TikTok(then He has even earned the precious badge of Crowned Muser for being a skilled TikTok comedian. And is now a crowned “muser.” Griffin Johnson works with other artists like Jaden Hossler, Anthony Reeves and Payton Moormeier, to make amazing videos.

Recently, He released a Diss Track titled “Convenient.”

Rise To Fame

Before Fame, he was into basketball. He found huge success on social media as he gained a lot of attention when he started posting lip sync videos and comedy videos. He is a founding member of Sway LA. He has had his fair share of social media stunts as his ex-girlfriend, Dixie D’Amelio accused of him cheating on her with Nessa Barrett.

How Much Money Does Griffin Johnson Make?

He is estimated to be worth more than $500,000. He makes money from brand deals and merchandise sales. His YouTube presumably generates $1800 per day and $660,000 a year.

Commonly Asked Questions About Griffin Johnson

Who Is Griffin Johnson Dating?

He was recently seen hanging out with Kelly Osbourne, daughter of Ozzy Osbourne. There are speculation that they are together but the relationship might just be platonic.

Is Griffin Johnson In Hype House?

No, Griffin Johnson is in Sway House. He is a founding member of the TikTok collective.

Does Griffin Johnson Make Money From YouTube?

His channel has over 2 million subscribers in 2020. He gets 360,000 views every day and 100 million views in total.

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