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Andrew and Mike at Alpha Status Stocks kickstarted 2022 with their first 2X prediction of the year stating that big opportunities were coming for Warrior Alliance NFT. That alert was made on January 4, some  sixteen days later their prediction was way off, there wasn’t a 2X gain, it was  5X!  This is the sort of buy-alert predictions that Andrew and Mike have been providing to their ever-growing YouTube following and Discord Community. In fact, 163 of their Discord investors were able to get in early on this trade, accumulating over $147K of profits in the process.  

Andrew and Mike’s primary purpose is twofold; help investors make money and have fun doing so. For anyone not yet following them on social media, simply watch one of their YouTube videos and see firsthand the fun they have making investors profitable.

In this article both Andrew and Mike share the three most important characteristics that they look for when choosing NFT’s, stocks or crypto with growth potential. Alpha Status Stocks use a systematic approach in gathering relevant data analysis and the information they share across their social media platforms are presented for entertainment purposes only. Neither Andrew nor Mike are financial advisors, and they encourage all investors to complete their own due diligence before buying or selling in any trade investment.

Here are the three characteristics that Andrew and Mike look at before delving deeper into any investment option, in this case an NFT project:

Who is creating the project? Who is developing the project? Who is leading the charge?            

Mike shares that by gathering this information upfront can help raise red flags and save wasted hours of research if the creator and developer are not competent leaders. In the case of Warrior Alliance’s NFT crypto game project, he is very comfortable that this first criteria was ably met. Warrior Alliance NFT founders, Tony Sentman and Low_Key_ Citizen are both big players in the gaming industry. Tony has over 1.1 million followers and Low_Key_Citizen helped create the highly popular Neo Tokyo NFT’s. This dynamic duo according to Andrew gets the green flag, as they have access to massive audiences and influencers. This bodes well for Warrior Alliance NFT’s. 

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Does this project have Utility?

Andrew states that NFT projects having utility is a very important criteria in determining their investment picks. He continues that Jpeg images can rise in value in the short term, but he focuses on investments that have a long-term growth opportunity. There is no need to reinvent the wheel he contends and that by having utility in his projects offers long-term profitability.   

Is there a Token of any kind?

Andrew notes that this third criteria plays a huge role for increasing the possibility for long-term profits.  The announcement that Warrior Alliance NFT will be issuing tokens he predicts will see the price of this NFT project continue to rise.  

To receive further information regarding this NFT Project view Alpha Status Stocks video below:

For more news on NFT’s, crypto and OTC’s you can connect with Andrew and Mike here: Alpha Status Stocks

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