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There are currently 74 Exchanges that have their own native tokens, how then do you choose the one that’s right for you? You could spend an enormous amount of time delving through each exchange token’s offering to find the best or you could have a crypto expert with a proven track record do this arduous task on your behalf. Step up Max Maher.

Max provides his 780K avid YouTube followers and his ever-growing Patreon Community with news and alerts on all things crypto. In this article he shines the spotlight on the world’s best crypto Exchanges.

As part of Max’s exhaustive research on the 74 exchanges he focused on Market Cap, supply versus total circulation, trading perks, exclusive access and perks from non-crypto partners. He choose  7 tokens, which are highlighted below:  

1. BNB – Classic Binance token. Trading Fee savings up to 25%. Launchpad access lets holders buy tokens before the general public.

2. BIX – Small company with circulating supply of 36%.  Fiat not being currently supported might put some investors off with extra steps required to get coins.

3. BitPanda Best Token – Actual name of this Exchange token, not Max’s personal description. Young European Exchange. No trading fees for European investors who stay in their zone.

4. GT –’s token has V.I.P. tiers, higher the tier the higher the discount on trades.

5. KCS – Kucoin’s exchange token. Pays holders rewards on success and revenue of platform. 50% of revenue goes to token holders who own at least 6 tokens. Price shot up 2800% in 2021. Max issues a note of concern that the payments made back to token holders could be construed by the SEC as a ‘Security’ and incur relevant taxes. Max states that this is a layer of risk to consider with this token.

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6. CRO –’s token. Through massive marketing campaign has become #15 by market cap. Offers up to 8% cash back on their Visas.

7. OKB – OKEx’s utility token. 3rd highest in liquidity, and 4th in volume. 6 billion dollars in daily trades. 40% discount on trading fees.

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Max explains that an exchange token is used in part to fund the building of an exchange, the buying back of tokens is a way to pay back holders. Burning tokens rather than paying a dividend or cash payments means token holders don’t have to pay capital gains tax until they sell. A Burn is when a token is sent to a wallet where no one can access it.

Max’s final thoughts on investing in these crypto Exchange tokens is to consider the benefits offered and if you will actually use the exchange. He suggests the best exchange token to use is the one that is native to the platform investors use most.

Information shared by Max Maher is for educational purposes only, he is not a financial advisor. He encourages investors to complete their own due diligence regarding cryptocurrency purchases.

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