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Born on 2nd March 1994, Nikkie de Jager is a Dutch makeup artist and beauty vlogger. She is popular for her self-titled YouTube channel, NikkieTutorials. The star gained traction online in 2015 after her video on YouTube went viral. She posted a video “The Power of Makeup” which later inspired people to display videos of themselves with and without makeup. 

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Nikkie De Jager posted a video on her YouTube page on 13th January 2020 titled “I’m Coming Out”. The video saw her reveal that she was transgender and that she had been blackmailed by someone who wanted to make her gender public. The star had undergone her transition in her childhood and teenage days.

The social media star is currently engaged to her partner, Dylan who proposed to her in August 2019 while the two were on vacation in Italy.

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Nikkie De Jager’s Career

Nikkie De Jager started uploading videos to YouTube in 2008 when she was just 14. The star was inspired by MTV’s The Hills while she was sick. She is also a big fan of Lauren Conrad’s makeup. Nikkie started surfing the net for tutorials to recreate nice works and was inspired to create her trademark beauty touch. 

She later enrolled in makeup coursework at B Academy in Amsterdam and then signed to Colourful Agency in 2011 where she worked as a professional makeup artist.

The year 2013 saw Nikkie becoming the head makeup artist for RTL 5 show I Can Make You a Supermodel with Paul Fisher. The star left Colourful Agency a year later in 2014 to work as a freelancer.

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Nikkie De Jager was named in Forbes’ top ten beauty influencers in 2017. She also won the award for YouTube Guru at the Shorty Awards and the award for Choice Fashion/Beauty Web Star at the Teen Choice Awards. The star has also collaborated with many other brands and agencies over the years.

Her Net Worth

Since making her debut on social media, Nikkie De Jager has firmly established herself as one of the social media’s great influencers. The star has amassed over 13.8 million subscribers on her YouTube account, 2.2 million followers on Twitter, and 14.5 million followers on Instagram. As of March 2021, her net worth is estimated at $6 million.

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