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Meet David Rosenberg: a TikTok sensation with over 1.8 million fans best known for his 24-hour challenges, pranks, and behind the scenes videos. Rosenberg has had many viral videos, his biggest being 7.5 million likes accumulating over 70 million views across the platform.

We wanted to dive deeper into David and his story, here’s what he had to say:

Cox: Why did you want to become an influencer?

Rosenberg: Back when I first started social media I thought of it as a game. Something to keep me busy with all my free time. I started watching all the Magcon boys like Cameron Dallas, Shawn Mendes, etc living the life. I would watch them tour and the girls go crazy over them. And I was like I want that life! I want to be different, stand out, and make a difference in people’s lives.

Cox: Why is your content unique?

Rosenberg: I feel I do a variety of different content which sets me apart from everyone else. I do 24hr challenges, pranks, product reviews, as well as skits to entertain my audience. I do a bunch of different content to attract a greater variety of people. Not everything I post my fans will like. But I keep changing it up to keep everyone as happy as possible.

Cox: What led to the success of your influencer career?

Rosenberg: When I was a young child I was a competitive gymnastics for about 11 years. I then had an injury that I cracked my head open which caused me to stop. I was training 30-50 hours a week so when I quit I had so much free time.

So I started posting on Vine daily and accumulated a huge following at the time of 91k followers. I started collaborating with other influencers and joining social media groups which got me hooked. Over the years I transitioned to musically, and then now TikTok.

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Everyone’s opinion on success of course will be different. For me I’ve noticed mine is constantly changing as I get bigger. I keep setting short and long term goals to keep myself motivated.

If you’re wanting to pursue social media as an influencer you got to put the time in. It’s all about consistency, quality, and engaging with your fans. If you keep your fans happy with you, you’ll have long lasting people who will stick with you!! If being famous was easy, everyone would be famous. It’s the people who work hard and keep at it that make it.

Cox: What are your goals for the future?

Rosenberg: I definitely want to get into YouTube more and focus on Instagram and Snapchat since they’re so powerful. Due to TikTok being up in the air about being banned or not. Made me realize I should focus on something more stable. And YouTube isn’t gonna go anywhere since people will always be looking up how to do things.

My ultimate goal in the future is to get into acting or singing. I kind of think those are more respected industries. I don’t wanna be known as a TikToker I’d rather be known as an actor or singer.

Cox: What is your favorite part of being an influencer?

Rosenberg: There are just so many things that I like about what I do. My favorite thing has to be all the traveling. I constantly get to go to California, Florida, Chicago, New York, and of course back home to Pennsylvania. I also love being able to make tons of new friends social media is filled with tons of people. So wherever I go chances are I’m gonna make new friends. Which also helps with making connections the more people you know the better.

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Cox: What is your least part of being an influencer? 

Rosenberg: The only negative is sometimes privacy. I feel that sometimes people are to comfortable and think we have no boundaries. It’s so awesome meeting fans and I love it. But it’s all about how they approach you and treat you as a person. Because when all said and done if you erase all the followers at the end of the day we’re just normal people.

Want to check out more of David? Make sure to check him out on Instagram.

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