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Matt Cobuzio of Matt’s Crypto is a young man going places fast. His main interests reside in NFTs, crypto, the metaverse, money, and finance, whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, or any new altcoin. Matt’s Crypto will explore ways to build your wealth, earn passive income, flip NFTs for profit, and enjoy financial freedom. So with the crypto market seemingly in free fall at the moment Matt’s Crypto wants to share with you his major NFT buys for February 2022!

Matt’s Crypto likes to plan his NFT purchases month by month. For February he has eight recommendations for you. I am only going to give you bits and pieces of these projects here. For the real details you will have to watch the video. Number one project on the list is Collider Craftworks. This project has over 41K followers on Twitter and is growing fast. Some of these followers are pretty damn high profile so that adds to the project’s potential for growth. This project comes with the highest definition 3D moving art and graphics. If you have played Mortal Kombat X/XI, Assassins Creed or Injustice II then you will already be familiar with this team’s high quality artwork.

The second project Matt’s Crypto likes is Clementine’s Nightmare. Despite some teething problems with the Twitter feed Matt’s Crypto likes this project because of the high professional studio quality of the 3D artwork. Significantly there is a game with a play to earn feature to follow on from the NFT, and tokens, making this a truly metaverse ready project. The next two projects on Matt’s Cryptos list are Antonym and Troverse. Both of these projects have a significant number of followers and some smart creatives behind their production, while the latter has an accompanying play to earn game under development.

The next project is for those more light hearted folk with a love of cleanliness. Rubber Duck Bath Party is plain and simple fun. It may not have as large a following as some of the others on Matt’s Cryptos list, but it does have a solid team of notable creatives behind its development. This project is supported by an awesome website. Matt’s Crypto also likes Cryptoids which is essentially a set of cute playable and interactive pixelated pets. Mono Locco is the next tip from Matt’s Crypto, while it doesn’t have any high profile followers as yet its Discord is popping. One to look out for a future drop is Cartoons. Matt says early indications are that it could explode.

So there you have it folks, eight tips from Matt’s Crypto. If you are interested in investing in the crazy new frontier of NFTs and the Metaverse then check out Matt’s Crypto’s other videos, join his Patreon or follow him on Twitter

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