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Although the markets continue to be volatile – Facebook for example had an overnight drop of 27% after recent earnings – there are still lots of great undervalued stocks out there with massive potential for making money according to The Traveling Trader. The secret to uncovering these stocks is in knowing what to look for. In this article The Traveling Trader shares 5 stocks that are on his buying radar as well as revealing key investing and trading essentials that every investor should be aware of. The Traveling Trader shares his investment ideas with his ever-growing YouTube following and 4,000 strong Patreon Community members, providing them with quality content surrounding trading strategies and market trends.

The first rule for profitable investing The Traveling Trader states is knowing what you are investing in and learning how to properly evaluate that company. This includes being able to read and get a thorough grasp of a company’s balance sheet, their cash-flow statements, debt to equity ratios, earning multiples that they are currently trading at. He also asks investors to determine if they actually like the products or services that the company offers, plus any they may have in the pipeline. All pertinent due diligence data for an investor to ascertain if this particular company and stock fits with their investment criteria and risk tolerance. The Traveling Trader offers this type of in-depth information on his two content platforms, YouTube and his Discord Group. This information includes trades, stocks, options, crypto, both long- and short-term trades and swings etc.    

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The Traveling Trader encourages investors to complete their own due diligence before making any trades and states that this information is meant for educational purposes only, he is not a financial advisor. The 5 stocks that he shares are currently undervalued and he has chosen them for the purpose of long-term investing.

The Traveling Trader’s 5 Stock Picks to Buy Now:

·  Meta (FB) – Although Meta/ Facebook had that huge drop with recent earnings this is still a Behemoth in the legacy Ad business and is an ideal long-term investment at such an undervalued price

·  Disney (DIS) – Another stellar stock at great discounted price with earning report imminent

·  Intel (INTC) – Currently sitting at a very low 9X earnings ratio this stock is very appealing when compared to the sector median of 22%. This stock also pays out a dividend

·  Nike (NKE) – Nike is moving to DTC – Direct to Consumer – business model. This will offer greater growth flexibility

·  Digital Turbine (APPS) – Signed a deal with Google. 244% year-after-year revenue growth. Currently down 50% in value. For those risk averse The Traveling Trader suggests waiting until the latest earning report is posted.

To receive more detailed information on these 5 stock tips, watch The Traveling Traders’ YouTube video here:              

In closing The Traveling Trader reminds investors to always complete their own due diligence before making any stock purchase and to ensure that it aligns with their risk tolerance so they can sleep at night.

For more stock market information, you can reach The Traveling Trader here: The Traveling Trader

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